Zak Dimitrov

Today’s submission comes from Bournemouth Uni student Zdravko Dimitrov. The diptych is an emotive and thoughtful comparison between youth and old age. Read more about it below:

This set of images was taken on 35mm film which (after being developed) was given to the subjects themselves, who then drew something on the surface.
In the left image you can see my baby cousin who was 18 months old when the photograph was taken. She could not speak yet, let alone write or draw. I am amazed how she drew herself little ears on top of her head and a large ‘Z’, which is my initial.
In the second image, I had asked my great-grandma to draw a sun. She is 87 and very ill, and has little-to-no control over her body. Her drawing looks like it could have been done by a child, more so than my cousin’s.
It is a project which I would like to develop. In its core, the aim is to prove that after a certain age the elderly go back to square one in the mental department and start behaving like little kids. If the viewer could see only the drawings, they may not realise that there is in actual fact, a huge age gap between the two. The choice of colour or black and white and the positioning of the images was carefully considered to give the sense of youth and old age.