Sophie Thionville

Today we have a submission from our Autorretrato call for submissions. It comes from photographer Sophie Thionville, age 15 from Virginia.

We were inspired by the high quality of Sophie’s work, and from such a young age too. The conceptuality of this photograph is what drew us in, as well as the aesthetics. It is a very visually interesting and stimulating image. Sophie says:

In 2013 I started taking photography seriously and I have grown greatly since then.I have always been very interested in Greek mythology, and I find it very inspiring to read old myths. This photo, titled “Midas Touch” is based off of the Greek myth about King Midas. In the myth, he is so greedy that he wishes for everything he touches to be turned to gold. When his wish comes true he is filled with glee and hugs his daughter. Alas, she was also turned to gold. I was inspired by the story and how it shows that if you become too obsessed with things, you may lose something even more precious.To create this photo, I painted myself gold and borrowed my assistant’s hand.