Rhiannon Buckle

Today’s submission again comes from within the UWE Bristol student pool, submitted by Rhiannon who is based in Bristol and Cardiff.

We picked her photograph because it is an interesting take on the debate about nudity and showing skin. We love the awkward posing and how she looks away from the camera; vulnerability and tension are palpable in this image.

The lighting captured us too. We thought that it seems to imitate the lighting in beautiful, traditional paintings of women, who were so often painted in the nude. It prompts many questions: why are we so afraid of showing skin? Why is it such a taboo? Is it much of a taboo today?

Moving into my 3rd year of my photography degree at UWE Bristol, I have developed a particular interest in studio work and portraiture.As part of a series this image explores people’s obsession with their skin.

Conveying ideas of vulnerability, the portraits share the intimate moment between the young woman and the camera. The conflict between self-confidence and insecurity is brought together by the serene moment in which the photographs were taken. Surrounded by the negative space, the women are distant and are left with nothing but the camera they face before them.

Capturing the natural response to the women exposing their skin, each portrait reveals how comfortable they are in their own body, in their own skin. Not only is skin revealed, but also the underlying struggle we all face to fully embrace who we are.