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I would like to tell you something, but then I would lie / Mirre Nimmegeers

– instagram.com/mirre.nimmegeers


Dimitris Lambris “I believe that it is essential for everyone to express themselves by creating or destroying (destruction is a form a creation) thus, making art. Expression is…

Solid Space

by Alexis Vasilikos – alexisvasilikos.net/07

Observed and Preserved

by Yaniv Waissa – waissa.com

I found fireflies in my dream, talking to a strange, drunk and dead man

by Fábio Miguel Roque           – fabiomiguelroque.com

Lost Place

by Kamil Śleszyński Featured today is self-taught documentary photographer Kamil Śleszyński. Based in Bialystok, Poland, he focuses on long-term projects that focus on the complex relationships between people…

Midwest Dirt

by Nathan Pearce We were immediately taken in by photographer Nathan Pearce’s way of working; he has created several smaller projects which all connect and form a larger…

Ellis O‘Connor

Today we’re talking to Ellis O’Connor, our first interviewee in a series of daily interviews this week for the relaunch of our magazine Of The Land & Us,…

We’re pleased to officially announce that we are re-launching ‘Eyes Forward’!

Months in the making, Eyes Forward is now of the land & us, an online magazine focusing on landscape photography as well as portraiture and people photography. We will…