The tale of Alice in Wonderland is a well-respected children’s book, but the speculations involving the real lives behind this iconic tale are less than child-friendly. The few things we ‘know’ about the lives of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) and Alice Pleasance Liddell are uncertain but it is easy to note Dodgson’s obsessive interest in Alice while she was young.

These days many see this keen and perhaps inappropriate interest as a result of his perverted sexual desires, however it is important to note the social differences over time resulting in different interpretations and understandings of their relationship.

Whether Dodgson acted on his feelings for Alice, or whether he even had them is something we cannot say for certain. It is my belief however that for such a young child, dealing with such adult emotions and such a heavy personal interest in herself may have been confusing and unsettling for ten year old Alice.