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AMBIENT 4: ON LAND / Simon Bray

The music of Brian Eno offers me a window into other realms, a connection to emotional responses and thoughts that may otherwise have remained hidden. The music was…

The Memory of the Present / Lorenzo Valloriani

“An on-going study about the “B-Side” of Tuscany. Not the picture postcard landscape, but the real, everyday landscape: countryside crossroads, the vernacular architecture, river banks, memorial statues, ruins…

I Don’t Belong Here / Zak R. Dimitrov

“By photographing everyday scenes, landscapes and portraits I’m trying to grapple with the sense of belonging and home, which I still haven’t found neither here, nor there.” –…

Loabi Loabi / Maurizio Annese

When looking at these photographs, it’s like going over the moments I lived in a trance-like state of mind; moments where I was the observer in someone else’s…

I would like to tell you something, but then I would lie / Mirre Nimmegeers


Whereness: The Landscape of Uncertainty / Chris Younger

“Rain is temporary but transformative. Its effect on the landscape – and our behaviour – is profound. We run for cover, hide indoors, leaving the outside vacant. Rain…

This is Nowhere / Fabrizio Musu

“This is nowhere is a photographic diary dedicated to the northern tip of the peninsula of Sinis in Sardinia, where I grew up.” –

Flower Flower Water Light

Nicola Jane Maskrey “A travel diary of chaotic beauty and colourful abstraction. Documenting a road trip through the landscapes of the United Kingdom, France and Spain. Avoiding deliberate…

Don’t make me look like the kids on TV

Dawit N. M. “Weaving new photographs together with the old made it seem as if time was never linear. Without knowing it, this project became a personal journey…


Dimitris Lambris “I believe that it is essential for everyone to express themselves by creating or destroying (destruction is a form a creation) thus, making art. Expression is…

The giants watch us

Sarah Bejerano “These passive giants remain expectant to the changes that should have taken place a few years ago. They carry an antinomy; despite their rigid structures, the…

Temporary Still Lives

Ben Gowertt “Everything is constantly changing; between chaos and order, construction, demolition, reconstruction.  But there are always moments happening which exhibit some kind of own momentum, perfection and…

Greg & Butch

Remington Long “My dad knocked on my door at 5am and told me we were meeting our neighbour Butch at his ranch. Grudgingly I threw on a sweatshirt,…

30th December

Simon Bray “On 30th December 2009, three days before his 52nd birthday, my dad passed away. After over fours years of trying to stop the cancer from altering…

Temporal Landforms

Andrew James Bradley –


Fábio Miguel Roque –

The Land Between Us

Ning Kai & Sabrina Scarpa –

L’Inertie d’à Côté

Guillaume Tomasi –

Desert Solitaire

Agnès Clotis –

Hic et Nunc

 Giacomo Ferro –


by Steve Gray –

The promise of sublime words

by Ewa Doroszenko –


by Rosella Castello –

Solid Space

by Alexis Vasilikos –

Observed and Preserved

by Yaniv Waissa –


 by Maria-Alejandra Huicho –


 by Griselda Duch –

now + here = nowhere

by Angela Sairaf –

A Thin Veil

by Steve Purdham –

Entropy Definition No. 2

by Olli Wiegner           –

I found fireflies in my dream, talking to a strange, drunk and dead man

by Fábio Miguel Roque           –

Land of the Eagles

Alexander Williamson –

Erto – Ripido

by Paola Fiorini   –


by Joanne Coates Today we’re featuring young photographer Joanne Coates and her body of work Liznojan. This project is a wonderful exploration of Englishness and the outskirts of…

Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Ekaterina Vasilyeva is a freelance photographer working in a mixed genre of documentary and fine-art photography and is based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Ekaterina recently sent us her…


Jonathan Charles This fantastic photograph, ‘Wonder’, from photographer Jonathan Charles had us mesmerised immediately. What a wonderful contrast between the cold, white background and the bright, eye-catching colour of the…

Sophie Thionville

Today we have a submission from our Autorretrato call for submissions. It comes from photographer Sophie Thionville, age 15 from Virginia. We were inspired by the high quality…

Naomi Goddard

Today we are showing you work from Naomi Goddard. Having recently graduated from the University of The West of England Bristol, she is now a London-based photographer. –…

Isabella Mariana

We selected this work by Brazil-based photography student Isabella Mariana from her submission to “Autorretrato”, our call for submissions themed around self-portraits. This double exposure was an immediate…

Rhiannon Buckle

Today’s submission again comes from within the UWE Bristol student pool, submitted by Rhiannon who is based in Bristol and Cardiff. We picked her photograph because it is…

Kathy Foote

After graduating from my degree in photography, I unexpectedly found myself getting into the wedding photography industry. After being asked to do a friend’s wedding, I discovered that…

Zak Dimitrov

Today’s submission comes from Bournemouth Uni student Zdravko Dimitrov. The diptych is an emotive and thoughtful comparison between youth and old age. Read more about it below: This…

On the benefit life

Manuela Henao Restrepo The United Kingdom was one of the first countries to establish a social security system. The years following the Second World War saw the emergence…

Shawn Sobers

Over the past eighteen years, Shawn has conducted various projects on the Rastafari movement in the form of moving image, photography and museum exhibitions. The work has included profile…

Alex Day

Alex Day is a freelance sports photographer who excels in many sports; however he specializes in football and tennis. He graduated from Middlesex University in 2012 and has…

Ben Paterson

I am currently in my third and final year of studying BA (Hons) Photography at the University of the West of England. I am a mature student based…

Holly Osborne

The tale of Alice in Wonderland is a well-respected children’s book, but the speculations involving the real lives behind this iconic tale are less than child-friendly. The few…

Max Letek

A beard is the ultimate milestone of reaching male adulthood. Whilst not every male who can bare one does, those who take the time and dedication required to…

Marco de Vita

I love the idea of capturing a moment using only colours and natural light. I have always traveled a lot and I often find myself remembering different places…


Photography became an outlet for me when I was diagnosed with a long term illness at 12. It was a great escape and now I am living the…